I got the idea for the name of the blog after coming out of a corporate training. There were couple of attention hoggers, who were always against any point made by anyone. It was at first interesting, then it became irritating and finally they became irrational like Monkeys on crack. So,  I thought why not have a blog where you can have a satirical take on popular view points. I soon realized that it was not as easy as it looked. I know, you will not find a single post to this effect. Why? Because it takes a lot of research, patience and a familiarity with current affairs to do this. But, since I lack any of the above…I thought of converting this into my second blog.

Disclaimer: Even though I will be writing most of the posts in full sense, I will not take any sort of responsibility for anything posted on the blog and you the viewer by reading the blog are both explicitly and implicitly absolving me of any such responsibility. Just have fun, don’t take everything too seriously.

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